How to bomb an interview.

15 thoughts on “How to bomb an interview.”

  1. Mayka – I just bombed an interview and then came back to my computer to google for relief. In this case the search term was “late for an interview.” Yep, I was 25 minutes late. The guy actually called me, which woke me from my peaceful irresponsible slumber. This story made me see the humor in an interview gone bad. Thanks!

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  3. I am so glad I just found this. I totally bombed an interview yesterday and… this made me feel better. Life goes on!

  4. I too found you by searching “bombed my interview” immediately following an interview in which the following dialogue occurred:

    “So, what would you bring that would add to the mission adn vision of our school?”

    [inside] MISSION AND VISION? THERE’S A MISSION AND VISION? CRAP. *blinks, blinks* [outside} “um, I would bring a servant’s approach to the classroom?” Yes, as a question, not a statement… gah.

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