“Where are you from?” – The discourse continues.

2 thoughts on ““Where are you from?” – The discourse continues.”

  1. To me, the only thing that really matters is how people choose to identify themselves. How anyone can attempt to decide for others is beyond me. Also, to get anywhere in a discussion like this it helps if you are open to shades of gray. There are no absolutes when it comes to identity and culture. Citizenship is made absolute by laws, but people’s experiences are not absolute.

  2. Sorry that it took me 2 years to reply… only just saw the comment and post. My answer is simple… America may be a melting pot (I myself am multicultural – Asian included at 20%) however the problem is that we are fragmenting as a nation because everyone wants their cultural identity to be their identifier. We are American. Ask yourself why the rest of the world does not see us as American, but rather as idiots? It is the complete obsession with labels that leaves us fragmented and arguing about our right to identity, even though we lack skills, lack products, lack manufacturing and are so in debt that your cultural identification label is burdened under debt. Why do we not manufacture cell phones, laptops and big screen tv sets? But God forbid I question your right to a label.

    And Lotta: what fortune cookie did “Citizenship is made absolute by laws, but people’s experiences are not absolute” come from? Get real. Look at the world we made. Look at the future of your children. I do not care about the color of your skin or my skin; I care about what we do to safeguard a tangible future for our children, and whether they want to label themselves from a village in Africa that would never accept them back or a village in China that is laughing at our debt load makes absolutely no difference.

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