The Shibue Experiment – The strapless G-string, reviewed.

25 thoughts on “The Shibue Experiment – The strapless G-string, reviewed.”

  1. I’m disappointed that they don’t meet your requirements for undergarments, but I completely understand your reasons.

    Also, I own lingerie soap. I haven’t used it since the first time I purchased it. Now that is wasteful.

  2. @ Rini – Underthings! I knew I was missing a synonym for underwear someplace… I’m probably one of a minority of women who doesn’t like saying “panty/ies.”

    @ Bongo – All in the name of science.

  3. I agree with Bongo. This was probably your best post ever. I even have a hard time with thongs, so this shabu shabu is wrong on so many levels for me. I’m right there with you with throwing everything in the washer/dryer and not owning lingerie soap. I thought you were kidding about that haha. Sometimes, I get too lazy to use a different soap for my face than my body! My undies are not getting any different treatment.

  4. Hahaha, shabu-shabu! That’s the other thing the brand name made me think of. Okay, so apparently Rini’s the only girl in the world ready to actually take care of these Shibue adhesive strips…

  5. Hi!
    I am thrilled that you tried them and you tried to make it through a 24 hour day.
    However, if you had read the instructions thoroughly you would have noted that the wear time is expected to be no more than 6 hours, but as you experienced it can be much, much longer.
    Under suggestions on the box it specifically states that if you remove the adhesive then a NEW one must be applied. When going to the bathroom, we suggest pulling it to one side and if you detach it then reapply a new adhesive. Once an adhesive has been used it cannot be used again. Also… you do not wash the adhesives, that would be crazy! The old adhesive gets removed (as it says on the box) you wash the panties… like your normal lingerie (I throw mine in the wash too!) and when you are ready to wear them again then you put on a new adhesive. It really isn’t as difficult as you made it.
    Trust me, had you followed the directions & suggestions you would have made it through your dance class too! I just finished mine and I did wear a mini dress and never have I had the string fall between my leg.
    I would suggest that you try them out again and reread the instructions. If you have ever tried the NuBra, it is the same theory really….they are truly comfortable as you noted and you do forget that you have them on when applied properly.
    I really appreciate you taking the time for the review and hope that you give it another try.
    All the best!

  6. Ah-hah! Just goes to show I wasn’t meant for clothing that comes with instructions. Thanks for checking back in, Jenny.

    I would definitely recommend Shibue Couture G-strings for girlfriends who attend six-hour special occasions. Otherwise, I’ll just save mine in case I find the sudden confidence to start wearing unitards out of the house.

    1. Hi Mayka,
      You have to try the new line! The application and everything else is a thousand times’re gonna love it!
      Drop me a note or give me a call and I will send you out a new strapless panty!
      All the best,

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