I saw Harry Potter’s penis.

15 thoughts on “I saw Harry Potter’s penis.”

  1. Your comment on Dan’s beard is somewhat confusing, as everyone else knows he had the same beard when he first did Equus in London – when he was 17. Dunno how that could take away the idea that his character was also 17. I do wish he didn’t have it as he is so cute without it!

  2. Sadie, whether he had that scruff in England or not, I don’t think it represents his character well. Strang is supposed to be a bit of a victim of religious brainwashing by his mother, and that wouldn’t have had as much of an influence on his passion for horses if he wasn’t an impressionable teenager. It could very well just be me, but I think the facial hair makes him less of a 17-year old in that role.

    Ikupoo- YUP! Really.

  3. Still don’t get your reasoning. He would have been incarcerated either in hospital or prison, so he may not have been given a razor and some guys grow facial hair quite fast. How does religious brainwashing affect facial hair growth or not?

  4. Religious brainwashing does not affect facial hair.
    Any brainwashing is easier on more impressionable minds.
    Youth, especially teenage youth, tend to be more easily influenced than others.

    Not saying young men can’t grow facial hair, but you lose the sense that Strang is a “lost” young man when he just comes off as an unshaven college kid.

    Just like Dysart, I didn’t find Strang guilty in the clear-cut way the stable owner did, because he was simply acting in the ways that experiences and people had swayed him.

    In terms of communicating that through a play, I think Strang would have been more convincing as a young man with an “abnormal” set of values of philosophies if they showed his innocence more. Of course it is also very possible that the creative team on Equus wanted to hide the 17-year old’s innocence under the appearance of a slightly older man. In the end, I don’t care that much. I honestly don’t think this is worth a lengthy debate.

  5. i don’t care about his beard. why are there no comments about his bawwwls? i still see harry potter, just with big balls and a penis that flaps around when he walks.

  6. I am jealous. I mean, I’ve seen the balls. But not live and in person, which is an entirely different thing. Or things. (Or, should I have said, “It’s a whole different ball game?” Ha ha ha ha ha! Shut up.)

  7. Too bad I don’t live in NY or I’d totally see that show.. not for his nudity, mind, but for seeing him in person *cough cough*

    And though you say that the stubles on his face lessens the belief that he’s 17, I think he looks much more handsome with it than without.

  8. I do like his scruff when it comes to sultry GQ-esque photos, but like I said, for his role in the play, I’m just “meh” about it.

    Also, I totally clutched my friend’s shoulder when he came onto the stage. I had to contain myself because we were sitting in the stage seating. 🙂

  9. Ok I saw the play a few days after you… tagged along with my best friend 3000 miles for the HP Fan Trips 2008. Not an HP fan myself but I am a pretty good friend. Anyways you didn’t go about getting the playbill signed. What you have to do as my frozen toes can tell you is go back the next night get there really early so you are at the front of the line. Also a good idea to make friends in line at least one of you will get playbills signed may have to hand up and be sure Dan knows its for more than just you (have other person speak up) You then go away rather cold but with good pictures and a signed playbill.

  10. Pretty sure my friend would have spoken up if we had known “The Rules.” And I am a Harry Potter fan, but not desperate enough to go back a second time. We had other theater to see that trip!

    But thanks for the ideas, anyway.

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