Who cares how you spell it?

5 thoughts on “Who cares how you spell it?”

  1. What a beautiful post, Mayka…

    And thank you so much for forever associating “life supporting life” with a beautiful baby boy by the name of Micah…

    And it’s doubtless that you’ve touched Eric and Jenna’s life as well… At events like this, when we come across people and coincidence, they sometimes lend a little more meaning to what we’re doing — a name, a number, a look or smile — how we can all connect in life is so very special… And then you go home and honor their precious son in this way… I hope Eric & Jenna read this — I will try to see that they do…

    On the float, Eric was sitting a few people over to my right… “emanating amazing amounts of positive energy” is a perfect description for Eric… I spent the better part of the last week with him and his wife and I think you’ve described him beautifully… And he’s a donor Dad, carrying the memories of the precious son he lost, and trying to show others what to do in the face of such great loss…

    I’m a recipient of two beautiful lungs and I’ve been told that I now seem to have boundless energy… My personal drive is to tell the Eric’s and Jenna’s of the world how special the gift they’ve given truly is — to show them in loud, living color, what they’ve done for another human being… Sometimes you come across someone like Eric, who lost his precious Micah, and he already understands how special the gift is and all you can do is hug him and never want to let go…

    It was an honor to sit near him on that float…



    Steve Ferkau
    Chicago, IL

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by, Steve! I definitely remember you in your jerseyed glory – and your story as well. I’m really grateful that I got the chance to share your float ride with all of you this past week. It really softened my heart. And we all need that once in a while.

    Thanks, again. 🙂

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