The case against Ryan.

4 thoughts on “The case against Ryan.”

  1. So tonight was a total letdown and I fully agree with everything said above about d-bag Ryan who can’t even close his mouth because of his effed up chops! And did you see him flash the shocker last week while talking to gretchen? He’s such an evil gnome! The sad thing is he was an even bigger loser last season! Ok rant over.

  2. Yeah that was nice, but then Tamra starts going on about how he scams on only her hot friends blah blah. I think Ryan and Tamra have some really f*cked up sexual thing going on. It’s hard to point out specific things except when Ryan comments about her being hot or the time she found her underwear in his room (I could be remembering that wrong? It was her underwear somewhere in the house). Anyway that whole family is effed up. Poor Simon.

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