The last name debate.

11 thoughts on “The last name debate.”

  1. I completely agree that its old fashiones for a woman to be expected to take her husbands name. My sister did not change her last name when she got married, but it makes sending Christmas cards kind of awkward.

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  3. I am not sure it’s actually true that “most of the world participates in this practice”. While it’s true in a lot of cultures in the west, it is not so in the east as far as I know. Certainly in china and japan the women don’t change their names. They become referred to as “wife of xxx”, but they keep their own name. It doesn’t change

    1. You’re right (wrote this in ’09, and lots of learning has happened since). It’s largely a Western thing. Dunno if it’s a largely Christian-Western thing.

      One friend commented that in some East Indian cultures, the woman changes both her first and last name when she gets married. (And Tibetan – They just didn’t naturally operate with the family name structure that so much of the world did.) Super interesting!

    1. Hahaha – I’m concerned that if I hyphen my last name, people will think I’m adopted. I have a strong suspicion Facebook spammers think I’m a spammer, too, because my name is hard for people to pinpoint.

  4. Cheers to that! I’ve never really toyed with the idea of marriage, but if I ever do tie the knot, I want to keep my last name because it’s unique (at least right now it is), as it is a shortened version of my Greek family’s name from only a few generations ago. It’s reassuring that when clients or other artists google my name, they find me and not another person who managed to be more weird or disturbing than me.

    1. Absolutely. People have brought up some really interesting reasons for why they or their wives are changing their last name, but for me, it really just boils down to choice. These days, so many people are personal brands that, yes, the ability to Google and accurately land people on your own work is extremely important. (At least to the likes of you and me.)

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