6 thoughts on “SRSLY.”

  1. Her dance critic credentials are as follows: 1. Her lip gloss is koo. 2. Her lip gloss be poppin.’ and 3. When it’s time for lunch her lips still rock. Duh, Mayka!

    BTW Girl Crack needs an update asap! School is getting in the way of my life.

  2. I’m rooting for the Beat Freaks : )

    p.s. I was listening to lip gloss the other day and I remembered how I made a secret confession to you about it being my guilty pleasure. I’m so glad i’m not alone, but I still feel lame for having to pause everything that I’m doing so I can dance to it whenever I hear it come on. Which is never nowadays.

  3. @ Girl Crack: Get crackin’! A lot has happened since Obama Day, and you need to share your views with the world!

    @ Rini: I SO REMEMBER your confession! You don’t have to be shy about possibly turning it on yourself on occasion. 😉

  4. Oh gawd. What the hell is she saying? What the hell is she wearing? What the hell is she?

    BTW hi, my friend Marcus introduced me to your blog, and I’m addicted 🙂

  5. @ christina: RLY? Dynamic Edition? I respect clogging, even though I think it’s the cheater’s version of tapping, but I cannot get over that guy’s TEETH.

    @ Linda: Hello! I’m glad Marcus introduced you. 😀 And in case it wasn’t clear before, Lil Mama is obviously saying that we are all amazerful.

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