2 thoughts on “BALLS DOWN, PEOPLE.”

  1. I’ve been pretty much done with that show. I feel bad not watching because my friends are competing, but it’s such a machine. And having Lil’ Mama as a judge is ridiculous. They might as well have asked Gary Coleman or William Hung. But then again they probably know more about dance than she does.

    1. I did some marketing for Lil Mama, and in my research of the no talent clown, I came across a video of her teaching the world “The G-Slide.” Gag with me:

      JC Chasez has about as much clout as she does – I don’t care what anyone says, pop dancing is not the same as hip-hop. I’ll admit Shane Sparks is reasonably talented, it’s just too bad he’s such a sleazy choreographer sometimes. 😦

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