Immah freak mah vote.

4 thoughts on “Immah freak mah vote.”

  1. Oh man, I have such a huge girl-crush on Rino. She came and taught pieces when I was dancing w/TM 2 years ago and I swear I drooled a little bit when I saw her dance. All of our guys turned into piles of goo around her. I haven’t been voting, but I’d be happy for either of the crews if they win. Kind of rooting for Quest because of a few friends on the team, but I can’t deny that Beat Freaks are the shit.

  2. MAYKA MEI! I’m a silent-stalker-reader. I echo your sentiments for Beat Freaks but know deep in my little heart that Quest will probably take it. Didn’t stop me from voting for Beat Freaks though! I can’t wait for tonight.

    Hope all is well 🙂 Thanks for keeping this blog up – its a staple in my work day.

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