Saturday morning catchup.

5 thoughts on “Saturday morning catchup.”

    1. Me, too. ABDC casting is going to be really hard-pressed to come across another girl group so deserving of the title.

      I made the mistake of actually reading some comments left by visitors on the voting pages, and one of them was like “Beat Freaks suck. They’re only in the top two because of their isos.” – Right, totally. They suck. WTF!

      That’s like saying “Quest Crew sucks. People only like them because of their flips.” *sigh*

  1. hi i noticed you were a great supporter of Project Michelle so I just wanted to see if you’d be able to post a blog about an month long event called “Marrow March Madness”. I work for A3M (Asians for Miracle Marrow Matches) and we’re looking to promote for more donor registrants thru this new method which is registering online. Let me know if you’d be interest by just emailing me back so I can give you more details. Thanks! Great neat blog btw. 🙂

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