And taxes.

11 thoughts on “And taxes.”

    1. Lest someone thinks me an emotionally detached writer, it’s not that the moment wasn’t sad. It was just a greater relief. Pain and Alzheimer’s aren’t cheery things to be stuck in, so it was cheerier when she got to leave them.

  1. It’s semi strange but in a weird way calming to hear that you’re going through the same thing as me. My grandma recently passed recently I mean last month. She was the same age as your grandma but the difference is mine lived in China. I was sad for a brief moment but eventually realized that it’s for the better that she had passed. She’s lived a long adventurous life.

    In my case though, just when I had settled that, I heard the news today that her husband of 72 years, my grandpa, just passed away yesterday. I can’t help but to think that maybe when two people have been together for so long, it is truly impossible to continue living when one’s gone.

    Anyhow, just wanted to share since we had that similarity there. Take care.

    1. Helen,

      You’re right, it’s really comforting to have someone fully understand how the relief of release outweighs the sadness of death. I’m sorry about your grandpa, too. There’s a reason why there’s a lot of “mandarin duck” talk in Chinese folklore – With my grandparents, my grandmother simply wasn’t the same once my grandfather passed. I think it’s accurate to say your grandfather wanted to be with your grandmother.

      My thoughts go out to your family. Preparing for the rituals is always a bit grueling, but a temporary stress for the celebration of life.

      You take care, too!

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