Social media outcasts.

2 thoughts on “Social media outcasts.”

  1. Great blog with insightful writing and some great imagery! (especially your Green Eye icon)

    My question is – how the heck are half of America’s workforce going to adapt to a business world driven by social media?

    The Closer

    1. First off, I’m not completely signed onto the idea that social media is going to drive half of whatever market in the near future. It is its own market and industry. It is not a place for recently displaced and undermployed people to flock to for jobs.

      People need to recognize that “social media” is not a skill. It is an area of expertise, but even then, only in the interdisciplinary sense. It’s best to learn something *gasp* “traditional,” like marketing/coding/product development, and then bolster it with savvy about navigating through social media.

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