Fuck you, Wendy Gomez.

9 thoughts on “Fuck you, Wendy Gomez.”

      1. I don’t talk to her. I just know she’s friends with my sister. She’s on Facebook. Her address is on there.

  1. This is insane, i was googling people i know. I know this girl! We are not friends any more. You’ll be more than happy to know She has had a horrible life since this accident! Got knocked up hella times and been cheated on. She also got raped! Shes on the verge of being homeless, Hopefully your knee is all better now. I agree with you! Fuck that bitch

    1. WHOA. As a fellow woman, I don’t believe that she deserved to get raped – and if we’re talking about the same person, sounds like she had a lot of shit coming her way. More than a single person should harbor, even. Hopefully she changes her karma by doing good and investing in a lot of self work.

      Small freakin’ world!

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