An old Oriental wives’ tale.

2 thoughts on “An old Oriental wives’ tale.”

  1. I read that book recently too. I was confused about how I felt for it only because it had its moments (like the excerpt you provided), but overall, it took me forever to finish b/c it didn’t make me want to keep reading. Maybe they should have put more “moments” in the book… or maybe I need to bind my feet and walk through the mountains in winter in order to have built more empathy.

    BTW, I also read your entry about your grandmother’s last days, and I cried. I love you. Thank you for articulating a story that I similarly experienced but couldn’t voice (minus the peanuts of course hehe).

    1. Aww, thanks, Zinnia. 🙂

      Yeah, although I really respect all the research that went into Lisa See’s book, the exoticism of it all just got on my nerves.

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