Going analog.

8 thoughts on “Going analog.”

  1. I’m jealous you have a record player in a suitcase. I used to have a fisher price record player that played fake records. Wait just because they were small, plastic, of color and only played one song doesn’t make them fake. They were marginalized records…or for kids or something. And then there was my Micky Mouse record player that played real records. Hawt. What’s my point? Nothing. Just thought I’d share. Cause I’m a blogger and not a real writer 🙂

  2. You will have great one-day weekend tomorrow! I’ll let you borrow one of my shimmer leo’s if you want. They always made me feel better. 😉

  3. Hang in there, dude. I’m not going to tell you that I can understand or parallel your process but I hope I can be a friend when in need!

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