Sorry, it took me a while to find this place.

12 thoughts on “Sorry, it took me a while to find this place.”

  1. Congrats on your successful interview! And wow, do you put sunglasses on when you carry that notebook with you? I think it might have every freakin’ color in the spectrum, haha…

  2. Congratulations Mayka! I just read your interview from hell thing, and haha it reminded me a little of one of my med school interviews where an old white man told me about how his son had been an East Asian studies major in college (to his dad’s dismay), married an Oriental woman, and how his family had been against this at first because they were very “traditional,” and now how they make their kids study all the time because you know, they’re Asian.

    Also, I just saw your comment way back when on an entry I wrote about being Vietnamese. I can understanding assuming that people don’t link Asian and American together. I think it’s kind of funny/odd that here we’re defined by ancestry and in Vietnam it’s by nationality.

    And finally I also recently saw your bone marrow post. We recently found an organization that allows you to donate for free, in case you ever have the need to give the info:

    Okay, end long comment.

    1. Hah, thank you for the long comment!

      Old White people and their assessments of “Orientals.” Hilarious. You know, it’s illegal for interviewers to comment on your nationality, but of course, in their minds nationality and ethnicity are all a blur.

      Agreed about the way different countries tend to identify other people. In China, I was considered an American girl as soon as I stepped off the plane.

      Yay for free donation! That’s really impressive. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Linda! I’m excited. Our orientation is tomorrow, and there’s promise of free beer afterwards. Which is also frightening…

      But hey! Lisa Frank!

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