Recapping Chillin Productions.

6 thoughts on “Recapping Chillin Productions.”

  1. bummer you thought the artwork sucked. very encouraging words for most artists. Chillin’ Productions was created to give opportunity to up coming talent. is an opportunity to get out there and explore. I loved many of the artists in the show. I thought many artists in the December show are very talented.

    I have poured my soul in Chillin’ Productions for the last 12 years trying to create a platform for local talent. I think if their stuff sucked we would not be able to this for the last 12 years.


    Irene Hernandez-Feiks

    1. I’m obviously not against opportunity – It’s why I go to shows like these and I follow forward-thinking curators like you. I love the overall event, and if I end up not liking one portion of it, then so be it. Clearly my individual voice is no reason for you to feel any degree of discouragement for your 12-years-plus of effort.

      I think it’s great that you love your artists and give them a space. I’m just picky, is all!

      Thanks for your words,
      Mayka Mei

  2. Thanks for your response… I respect and understand your opinion. Just surprising to me that you thought almost all 180 artists were CRAP! especially since many of the artists featured in the show are well known and have shown in galleries all over and some museums. Some of the featured artists are professors at well known art institutions. It was just surprising you find their work to be student work like. I am proud of what we do and I stand by what we show. In 12 years you are the first person ever say the work we showed was crap.all the art critics that have come through the years have said nothing but positive and encouraging words about the work we show. I know some is not great but we are about creating opportunity I take lots of pride of the work we do for our community and your words were hurtful. you can say you do not like something or you can say stuff is crap….

    I LOVE most of the work we show, i think is beautiful and does not look like crap. I believe about encouraging people and not beating them down. That is what we do with Chillin’ Productions. We want people to keep trying and chasing their dreams.

    I am proud of my artists and designers and I KNOW they are amazing!

    Thank you for your response and as I said i understand and respect your opinion…. this has been a great learning experience for me. in 12 years no one has ever spoken about us like this. yo made me realize that some people are not going to like or respect what I do….

    forgive my terrible grammar as English is my second lenguage

    wishing the best

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