Hong Kong Day II.

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong Day II.”

  1. Wow, Hong Kong seems great. That picture of the city lights is awesome! I’m a sucker for small little trinkets though. haha. I wanna visit HK one day.

    Hope you’re having a fun & safe trip Mayka!


    1. I have yet to photostitch some pretty fun (to me) series of city night shots, but it’s on my list!

      I’ll be happy if this cold subsides and gives me back my appetite, haha. Otherwise, I’m still having tons of fun! 🙂

  2. holy holy omg wow that shot of the victoria park flower market is amazing. lol maybe im somewhere burried in there hahaha i went on thurs and sat night..my mom wanted to buy more flowers -.-
    anyways dude im so sorry i was major slacking when you were here..dint even help you with anything -.- but it looks like you had a fun trip anyway!! i ahve this stupid problem of reading things then forgetting to reply them and then forgetting they exist at all…sooooooooooo bad

    1. Oh my goodness, we made the mistake of going to the flower market – on New Year’s Eve – in the evening. Didn’t get trampled, but definitely had to retreat back to the hotel! (Took that photo from the roof of the Metro Park Hotel in Causeway Bay. 31st floor!)

      It’s only been a couple of days since I flew back to the States, but I already miss the food big time. 🙂

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