Well, Hell-O, Glee.

6 thoughts on “Well, Hell-O, Glee.”

  1. when the hell did you meet jesse james?! lmaoooo
    and mr schuller???? gah – he made me cringe!!!! but i did love that chick from rent – she’s my fav cameo… i hope she sings. i heart glee bahahahaha

    1. Spring Awakening on Broadway, August 2007! I am a Broadway NUT, doode.

      Yes, I peed my pants when they announced Idina Menzel was going to be in the show. I could already hear “Love Me or Leave Me” in my head when she came into view!

  2. I completely agree. I kept watching, thinking maybe they’d have a shining moment somewhere in the show, but there was zilch to be happy about. Mr. Schue usually makes me sigh too, but he was totally un-crushworthy and corny in this episode. I usually don’t let hype ruin my judgment of things I watch, so I know we weren’t hyping this episode up. It unfortunately just fell really short.

  3. see, i was right by supporting lost. you made your bf happy by letting him watch it. if glee won = bf miserable, you disappointed. 😉

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