Off to Nit Wit Ridge with you!

8 thoughts on “Off to Nit Wit Ridge with you!”

      1. We visited today, and the guide said it had actually survived an earthquake a few years back. Apparently the structure is quite sound because it’s built right into the hillside. Very impressive, and absolutely bizarre in person — definitely worth a visit.

      2. It’s such a funky place – I was just in Italy a few weeks ago, and one of my reactions to the Vatican/all the old structures was, “I wish someone made a Nitt Witt Ridge out of the marble that didn’t make it into these buildings.”

  1. It was May of 1977. I was 18 years old and hitchhiking around the country. Stopped in S.F. for about 3 months and head south toward San Diego, nothing but a green suitcase in my hand. Pitch black along coastal highway when she pulls her woodsided stationwagon over and asked where I’ headed. I said San Diego, she say cool het it. Her name was Michaela and she said if i have gas money she,ll go to San Diego. Eventually we got tired from the Gallon of Gallo she had and the hash I had and it was time to stop for the night. I was ready to split the cost of a room but she said she knew where we could crash. A guy she knew by the name of Capt. nit Wit. She told me a few things about him and It sounded cool. Besides, Michaela and I were not at any intimate stage yet. We pulled up to this strange looking house and Michaela walked up steps and knocked, no answer so Michaela yells, “Captain Nit Wit, Captain Nit Wit. The door opens and Michaela is greeted with a hug and inveted in. I need a book to describe the next 48 hours but let me assure you that the plot would include: the cleanest acid on the face of the earth (remember it was 1977), Jefferson Starship, and wisdom bestowed upon me by one of the wisest men I ever knew. It was an incredible experience. And it all happened in THIS house with Michaela, Captain Nit Wit and Me!

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