How annoying. Are we.

11 thoughts on “How annoying. Are we.”

  1. whenever i see good art like this, i always marvel at the sheer artistic creativity that must go into such a piece. and then, whaddya know, one of my best friends goes and falls in love with a guy that OOZES this artistic creativity! so awesome, mayka, and so happy for you both ๐Ÿ™‚ love you!!! happy three years!

    1. I know! They totally don’t pull their share of the weight around here. (I also had to point out to Bill that he looks like he’s about to throw Totoro Panda off the bike.)

  2. Not annoying at all! I quite enjoy the taste of love barf in my mouth haha. You’re so lucky to have a man who can express how he feels in this artistic manner. Everything screams YOU in this, making it so much easier to feel how much he loves you. Happy anniversary, Mooks!

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