San Fran Frisco.

3 thoughts on “San Fran Frisco.”

  1. i def still call it “the city” WHEN i’m home in SF… so that means i call it SF… bc now, “the city” means nyc for me… did i lose you yet?! bahahhahaha


    (only said if i’m feeling in a gangsta mood and gotta throw up “the ‘sco” hand sign)

  2. As a native San Franciscan, I’ll tell you…some of us DO call it “Frisco.” I’ve never had a problem with it…it doesn’t sound wrong to me at all. Maybe it’s the people I grew up with, yelling “FRISCO!” during “I Got 5 on It.” Still, I don’t use it very often. And it doesn’t burn my ears quite like “San Fran” does. Yuck.

    For the record, I usually switch between “the city” and SF, depending on who I’m speaking to and/or if I’m using a service that limits the amount of characters I can use. 🙂

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