Fashion isn’t magic, fashion is a trickle-down economy.

4 thoughts on “Fashion isn’t magic, fashion is a trickle-down economy.”

  1. Hi Mayka, It’s Macala. I was in a seminar yesterday that discussed this very thing. What falls under Trade Dress, Copyright and Trade mark. Design, related to fashion, is constantly though of as utilitarian. We recently started this conversation on FashionablyMarketing.Me as well. Without writing a book in this comment. I think you hit the nail on the head, Fashion trickles down, everyone draws inspiration from somewhere. To me, there’s a fine line between inspiration and blatant knock-offs. I’ve seen a lot of my writing copied or things I’ve written slightly reworked into “original” content and it upsets me to no end. As a writer, and for many designers, I say “If you are going to use my work, give me credit. Then I would flattered and humbled by the fact that I inspired you (which is my goal) and not angered that you stole my work and took away the inspiration and ideas I hoped to create and diluted them for mass market uncreatives.”

    1. Yup, excellent point on distinguishing inspired-by and knock-off. (And counterfeits? Oh! Don’t even get me started…)

      I wonder how designers can apply that Creative Commons/writer kind of approach to their pieces, though. I must admit I love watching this stuff unfold!

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