Olivia, Olivia, cut up your hair.

7 thoughts on “Olivia, Olivia, cut up your hair.”

    1. Ever since the twenties, short hair has become a mark of independence!

      But, yes, when I was little, there was an episode of Strawberry Shortcake where all the girls (Cakes? Fruits?) dreamed they had grown up had hair that touched the ground. At the time my hair refused to grow so everyone thought I was a boy.

      There was nothing, NOTHING, I wanted more than to have hair that touched the ground.

      …But whatever, hair grows back!

  1. I am a guy and I would love to have this haircut. I am not feminine and my wife would probably think I am crazy. I have a rocker look & currently have hair like Keith urban. What is your opinion of what a guy would look like with hair? Thanks.

    1. Hair styles are definitely a “depends” kind of thing. Can’t answer that stuff over blog comments, haha.

      But hey! If your wife thinks you’re crazy, convince her to get the haircut! Then you can admire the angles as you look upon her face.

  2. i am looking for the V cut in her hair and I can’t see it…My stylist cut my hair yesterday and was raving about this cut, since my hair is dark colored like hers…but i honestly cant see the V..help!!

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