White and yellow.

4 thoughts on “White and yellow.”

  1. this is too cute. john and i have been living together for almost 4+ years. he moved in just after 3 months. one of the reasons i think it worked out, was that we are both obviously, asian lol – i’ve always wondered how it would be to live with a “white” person lol. my old roomie was black, and turned out blacks and filipinos had a lot in common, which is why i think we see that kind of couple a lot too… hmmmmmmmm – anyway – cute post!!! ❤

    1. Did your roommate use Asians soup spoons, too??

      I lived with a Black girl one summer, and it was so interesting who we found attractive, haha. She liked this one particular Korean guy that I thought was too “beefcake,” and meanwhile I would tell her how I had a crush on this Black dancer we met one weekend. And oh, you must know that signature smell of a Black roommate doing her hair, haha.

  2. I wanted to say that I LOVED this! I am a white woman who is dating a Japanese man for the first time in my life and this was funny to me for so many reasons but mostly because I can totally relate! I love your writing! Thanks for the giggles!

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