Catface Meowmers.

3 thoughts on “Catface Meowmers.”

  1. just came across this via your year end post- so heart breaking!! : ( I wish they had allowed her to go home with you for hospice care; what shelter did you bring her to? was it a good one at least?

    (hugs) It’s hard not to feel guilty, but you did the right thing by bringing her in case her owners were desperately looking for her, and she probably got pretty good medical care in her last days. You did your best by giving her love and attention, and I know she knew that : )

    1. Thanks for your sympathy, Daisy! It’s written very clearly in our rental agreement that we are to host no living animals in our house for any period of time, so retrieving Critter after hospice care would have been even more of a stretch.

      Sigh. This is why they call tough decisions “tough decisions!” I hope she felt our love and care.

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