Throwing money at a failing peace of mind.

4 thoughts on “Throwing money at a failing peace of mind.”

  1. I would think you should have the WFM take it apart then bitch out LaCia on the side. I understand that sending it out is not free but, it seems like it is something that needs to be taken care of and when it comes to results and money then you should weight out the two then come to a educated decision.

    1. In a moment of incensed frustration, I typed this entry entirely on my iPhone, so the distinction between the two options probably wasn’t clear.

      Sending the drive out to LaCie is part of a repair under warranty – If I mailed it out after it being disassembled by WFM, they won’t touch the drive.

      Currently leaning toward bitching out LaCie, demanding they send me a new drive, getting a confirmation/guarantee of a drive coming in, and having WFM retrieve my data in the meantime through disassembly. Then, once the new unit comes in, hope to introduce the new drive to my old data.

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