Doode, you’ve gotta try this…The best food in Italy.

5 thoughts on “Doode, you’ve gotta try this…The best food in Italy.”

  1. Amazing! I agree, Cinque Terre is not only beautiful, but has some of the best food on the planet. I ate at a restaurant in Monterosso a few years ago… don’t remember which one, but the seafood was just perfect.

    Beautiful pictures and descriptions! Makes me wish I was there now (especially to try that pear ravioli!)

    Thanks and have fun!


  2. cinque terre is AMAZING; damon and I spent two nights in vernazza, and hiked a bit between town to town; isn’t the statue off at the end of the beach in monterosso just surreal? The food, too! (sigh!) Makes me miss italy so much as well! SUCH good good food everywhere!

    PS- i also LOVE that italians really do say “mamma mia”… cracked me up every time!

    1. Agh, I’m so jealous! I fell in love with Vernazza (The daytime view! The nighttime view!), but we only visited the villages in a day-long trip. I would love to go back, fall off the grid, and soak up the sun in Vernazza one day.

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