Pup-pup-pup Uma-ma.

10 thoughts on “Pup-pup-pup Uma-ma.”

  1. She is such a beautiful dog. I love Tibetan Mastiffs despite their reputation for being headstrong and aggressive (which, to be fair, they were bred to be for thousands of years). Alas, there’s no way I could fit such a large dog into my house! I wish I could, though.

    1. She’s really awesome, and surprisingly friendly for a TM. Ugh, if I could just shrink her in size I’d hide her from my landlord! At least I have a lot of friends who are sending her good luck vibes. She’s just so much bigger than what the average household can handle.

  2. I love the mythology behind the dots on their eyebrows; how beautiful! Now i’ll always see little white eyes whenever I see them…

    Best of luck finding her a home! Also post her info on facebook; I see a lot of positive networking on FB for animals : D

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