“What’s your biggest fear?”

4 thoughts on ““What’s your biggest fear?””

  1. 3-14-13

    You were right to roll your eyes in astonishment…

    I fear nothing at the moment. That means that any stressful negative thoughts that pop into my head can be identified and dealt with, thank goodness.

    I regret to say that I just wrote and accidentally deleted a whole bunch of other inspired thoughts about Death and Taxes and imaginary Devils appearing in alarming ways, and I don’t have the will to dredge it all up again.

    Fear to me means an adrenaline response to imminent (real or imagined) danger.
    My fat dictionary adds “dread” to the definition, but I don’t like to look at it that way.

    Worry and dread are unavoidable sometimes, but useless, stressful, and a waste of time. Concerns and anger about horrible realities are another story.

    Thanks for opening up another juicy topic for consideration!

  2. Wow—Just found the first comment I wrote!!! So here you go….

    You are right to roll your eyes in astonishment.
    Just a few ramblings…My on-line English Composition Class starts on Monday, so I can innocently ramble until then!….What is it they say about Death and Taxes? Just musing.

    In my mind Fear is a physiological response to imminent danger (real or imagined) and gets us going – but, on a daily basis, it has no use that I can see. Kinda like stress.
    Ditto for worry about horrible things that may or may not happen. Waste of time.

    Yes, I have concerns and troubled thinking and anger when ugly or unhappy occurrences come into my radar. That is not what I call fear.

    I had fearsome trepidations as a youngin about imaginary devils inappropriately materializing in my presence. I was actually scared of what my response might be to such an apparition. 6 years ago I was apprehensive about how I would feel after the swiftly approaching death of my dear father. (I was okay, perhaps because he was okay with it.) Grace does figure into a lot of mysteries.

    Thank you for opening up a juicy thought-provoking can o worms –I just looked up the actual definition of Fear in my fat dictionary and, sure nuff, DREAD is also listed as a form of fear…I guess the subject of Fear can be debated for a long time.

    1. I think as long as I don’t let any one fear (paranoia, irrational, or otherwise) govern my daily actions, then I’m fine. But part and parcel with that, I think it’s completely healthy, perhaps healthier, to openly discuss my fears once in a while.


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