5 thoughts on “Sidewalk.”

    1. Right? Like, “I am not to blame for your living on the street.” I would not be surprised if that guy just ran away from home for a month.

      And yes, I love my coat!

  1. It is very sad that a beautiful woman, dressed with style, cannot feel safe walking from BART to the library in a college town. If you had been wearing grungy clothes, and not carrying anything but a back-pack, do you think it would have made a difference? (Not advising that, just wondering…)

    1. I know you’re just being complimentary, Auntie Linda, but I really think “beauty” has nothing to do with it. There are just two factors involved, only one of them being a guarantee for targeting:

      1. Victim is a woman walking alone.
      2. Victim might be wearing clothes of a certain social class. (I’ve been singled out walking alone while I was wearing grubby, shapeless clothing. It didn’t make a difference.)

      In the specific incident I wrote about, it was really just idle minds with idle time. Women – college students, professionals walking alone, girls in groups – get picked on all the time in a college town. Of course I know nothing really “happened” here, but still, I’d rather there were nothing to worry about at all.

      1. Thanks for elaborating, dear Mayka. SOOO – I’m thinking it’s just the heterosexual male with no manners that exhibits this behavior towards women? Crass, to say the least.

        My fantasy is probably silly, but, when I am alone and feeling vulnerable I pretend (to myself) that I have a loaded gun – or sometimes,(whilst in a lighter mood) a protective, invisible, but glowing, bubble surrounding me. So far so good….=o)

        Good luck with pleasant travels. Love, Auntie Linda

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