Unboxing: Why I won’t sign up for subscription style services.

2 thoughts on “Unboxing: Why I won’t sign up for subscription style services.”

  1. There’s a menswear equivalent to the services you mentioned called Five Four Clothing that claims to send you at least $120 worth of clothes each month for $60. While the idea is enticing, two things turned me off to the idea. One, you can’t return the clothes unless the size is wrong, then it’s only for exchange or credit. Second, and probably the biggest issue, they don’t give enough indication of their clothing selection through things like look books to inspire enough confidence to trust their style choices. They have no online shop like a typical online retailer. When you absolutely have to commit $60 per month to their wears, at a minimum I want to see past selections that they mailed to people who gave the same answers as me to their style questionnaire before I confirm to join.

    One menswear service who does offer a great subscription service is Frank & Oak. I used their Hunt Club service for a while and enjoyed it, though shipping took longer than it should have. With theirs, they released a new collection on the first of the month, you’d pick three things from their website to put in your “crate” and they send it to you with no obligation to buy. If you don’t like something, send it back and they charge you for whatever you keep, and give you a 8% back as credit for future purchases. That, to me, is a fantastic way for an online brand to build a subscription service. Commitment to try things but no pressure to have to keep the things and, for people like yourself, no one trying to fit you into some predefined formula to make it easier for them to order clothes in bulk.

    1. I have a Five Four scarf from a few years ago! Sounds like they’ve pivoted into the subscription model? (Or are they still running the label as its own brand, too?) The program they designed sounds super limiting.

      One Twitter reader commented that his brother uses Frank & Oak – and now he “looks like everyone else.” But again, for people who just don’t have time to pick out pieces for themselves, it sounds like a potentially de-stressing, time-saving solution.

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