About @Mayka

28 thoughts on “About @Mayka”

  1. Hello! It’s aliceintumblerland.tumblr.com. I really love the Maykazine. Is there some way my jewelry can be a part of the Maykazine blog?

  2. Hello, and thanx for noticing!
    I just think your blog is a fun, carefree place to visit, and I like your style, which probably means that I wish I could be more like you.
    I teach 3rd grade, btw.

  3. Like your new website design, Mayka! Hope we can play catchup soon — although it sounds like you have a lot more new going on than I! Happy eating! 😉

  4. My name is Mayka too..from The Philippines..I’m 36….and i just so love our name.It’s unique,right?

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