Me and my imotion at Mommy and Me.

Since I’ve got free time this week, I’m helping imotion with their booth tomorrow (today) at Santana Row’s Mommy and Me and Daddies Too. (I should probably get to bed instead of writing at TWO TWENTY-ONE IN THE MORNING but I digress…) If you ever need portraits done, check out their studio in Los Gatos. They do pretty awesome non-cheesy family portraits – without the tacky backgrounds and glory of walking through the mall in fussy clothes.

What's that in front of my nose, you ask?Among the family testimonials on their website, you might notice a single individual photo shoot subject. Oui, c’est moi. After I got my swanky package of pics, Annie asked me to draft up a story for them, the edited version of which you can find at the link. But since I do everything real big, here’s the full version – UNRATED AND UNCUT! (Read: I went way over their 200 word limit.)

…That’s my longboard that I’m holding in front of my nose, in case you were wondering. Also, to be perfectly upfront and honest, no, I have not actually hung the photos up in my apartment, but they sure are pretty!

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The debut.

Welcome, Web traveler, to theMaykazine, Consider this WordPress an indefinite holding cell until the actual time comes to launch the long-awaited tM domain. I’ve been itching to write regularly for over a year, holding off solely so that tM could get a more monumental debut: “Mayka returns to blogging!” Turns out I couldn’t hold out … Continue reading The debut.